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D*Lux Italy offers unique experiences that set your trip apart and immerse you in Italian culture - moving beyond the level of a tourist to that of an insider or even a friend. We constantly invest in onsite research to find the exceptional people, places, and experiences that make your trip extraordinary.

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Diana Dopson

Diana is an artist and art historian from Austin, Texas, whose love of all things Italian was sparked 20 years ago in a graduate course in Renaissance architecture. She began working in Italy in 1998 for Butterfield and Robinson, visionaries who pioneered the luxury active travel sector. She has designed and guided countless trips since then all over Italy, from Venice to Sicily, from historic town centers to the charming countryside. Her Italian friends joke that she knows Italy better than they do! Fluent in Italian, Diana lives part time in Austin and part time on the Amalfi Coast.

Diana received her M.F.A. in photography and her M.A. in art history from the University of Oregon, with a concentration in Italian Renaissance and Baroque architecture. In 1998, she completed the Corso Internazionale sull’Architettura di Andrea Palladio in Vicenza, Italy, an in-depth study of the buildings of Palladio in the Veneto. She holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, where she was also an All-American tennis player and valedictorian of the College of Natural Sciences. In her free time, Diana enjoys swimming in the sea, working in the garden, running, yoga, and being with her Texas dog, Simba (a Lacy, the state dog of Texas), and her Italian dog, Jack (Neapolitanissimo!).

Texas Longhorn in Allen's Boots on South Congress

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