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Best Bacaro Tour

  • 3 hours, € 270 (recommended) or 2 hours, € 180
  • Food and wine consumed to be paid al momento directly to the bacari

The best way to dive right into Venetian culture is to partake of a few local dishes with a glass of wine, like Venetians do each day as they walk through the city. The best bacari (wine bars) are usually under the tourist radar and might be difficult to negotiate on your own. Your guide will take you to a few of his or her local favorites, where one can enjoy a glass of wine with cicchetti (Venetian specialties in small portions, like tapas). With room for just a table or two, the tiny bacari – truly Venetian institutions – are not made for sitting down and having a meal, but for enjoying a glass of wine (or two) along with small plates of the freshest, local ingredients. This is one of the best ways to try the bigger Venetian wines for just a few euro a glass. Enjoy!